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This Feedback Service Is Better!

Why don't more people use your telephone Hot Line or Web site to alert you to problems? Are they worried about retaliation? Is it because:

  • They know that phones can be tapped and calls can be traced?
  • They're aware that the use of Caller ID destroys confidentiality?
  • They understand that phone companies keep records of all calls?
  • They worry that an internal Web site may be bugged to trace e-mails and messages?

What to do? Use SolvAnon® - an unbiased, secure, independent outside service. SolvAnon® ensures the privacy of exactly the people you want to hear from.


Problem-Reporting Choices

Anyone reporting
a problem:
Face-to-face meeting Telephone Hot Line Unsigned note put in suggestion box E-mail message Message
left on organization's own Web site
Keeps their identity private and avoids retaliation   ? ?
Avoids being visually seen reporting a problem    
Prevents worry about voice recognition or recording    
Prevents writing sample from being analyzed ? ?
Avoids any tracing of their communication         ?
Anyone receiving
a problem report:
Stores the problem report in an encrypted form for privacy   ? ? ? ?
Has access 24/7 to get problem reports   ? ? ? ?
Worst Choice...............................................................Best Choice

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